Posted: February 28, 2020 | Updated: May 23, 2024

Pokémon Let’s Plays

Written LPs?! What year is this, 2005? Yes. I am positively stuck in the past. Or maybe you’re just from the future.

GTS Adventures: KarpQuest!
We plunder the GTS, starting with as many Shiny Magikarp as we can find. Check it out here.

GTS Adventures #2: Steam Siege!
Do it again! O my God, what have I done? All I wanted was a little fun! Let’s turn this thing electric, with coal power!

GTS Adventures #3: Heavy Metal!
Do you taste metal? …Get yer tongue off Rusty, then! Here.

LP2: Legacy of Lugia
The second Pokémon Crystal rando run. Featuring an ever-morphing party of six and a reimagined Silver subplot, this was a memorable journey with its fair share of solid tactical engagements. Reshackling movesets to type and upping the default difficulty by +20% worked in its favour. Complete! Find it here.

LP1: The Crystal Cakewalk
Our first attempt at a documented Pokémon Crystal randomizer run. With full moveset randomisation enabled, the playthrough turned out a little more bizarro and off-kilter than I’d bargained for. Aborted after the seventh Gym (Pryce). Still a decent read, if a little rushed. Link here.

Tower Tangents #1: Sizing-Up the Challenge
Join me as we make a successful foray into USUM’s Battle Tree Super Singles, racking up 60+ wins with a makeshift team of Garchomp, Gengar, and Mega-Scizor. Read the report here.