Posted: May 23, 2022 | Updated: June 2, 2022

PokeTimes Exchanges

PokeTimes? It’s the Daisuki Club Reborn! Well. No. Kinda? If the fan-facing, playful 4kids Daisuki Club offered 80% fan engagement and 20% information provision on all things Pokémon, PokeTimes (ポケタイムス) – housed exclusively on Twitter – comfortably inverts that ratio. It’s the nearest thing to a spiritual successor of the Club, however, and we shall treat it as such.

By slicing up news from around the fandom and serving it up in appealing, easily digested 280-character chunks, this self-styled “Information Bureau” keeps fans drinking a steady stream of nutritious Pokenectar. Occasionally it’ll go beyond its broad news remit, posting little quizzes, brainteasers, and prize contests to its Twitter feed. And, very rarely, it may do something radical, like putting together a staffer-to-fan trade initiative and sending out some juicy PokeTimes-branded ‘Mons for trade via Link Trade or the GTS.

These distributions tend to be small-scale (60 specimens tops) and obscure outside of Japan. That’s where we come in. To chronicle and document. Enjoy!

PokeTimes Exchange Series!

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